Music of the Past Present and Future...

Edgar Gabriel’s StringFusion has entertained and educated young audiences since 2005 in school assemblies, museums and outdoor concerts. Their show takes students on a musical journey, which transcends time geography and cultures. This performance begins in Africa and travels through Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands to wind up in the Americas. This performance is a fun and entertaining musical guide that describes how music from different countries and cultures converged in the Americas to create entirely new music: Jazz, Blues, Latin, and Pop. Rock, Country and Hip-Hop. Through songs and words Edgar also validates how the violin/ fiddle played a major role in creating not only classical music but also much of the popular music we hear today.

The music of Mozart, Bach, Michael Jackson, Muddy Waters, Chick Corea, Carlos Santana, Duke Ellington, Chuck Berry Charlie Daniels Pharrell Williams and many more are featured.

For bookings contact Edgar Gabriel:  (312) 593-5630

School Shows 

Jazz infused with Rock, Funk, Blues, Classical, Country and World Music