Listen to "Fat Chance on a Friday Afternoo"  by Stone Damon. 

Listen to "New Country" by Jean Luc Ponty from the Startup CD" 

  • Fat Chance on a Friday Afternoon5:33

The 30 minute EP features music of Edgar Gabriel, Jean-Luc Ponty, Frank Zappa and Cirque du Soleil. The "Startup CD" is the first recording of Stringfusion available to the public.Type your paragraph here.

StringFusion's CD "Not Radio Material" is an LP of original material, consisting of 11 Tracks of Funk, Jazz, R& B, Rock, Blues and World Music by Edgar, Stone and Kevin O'Connell.

In addition to its regular members, "Not Radio Material" is enhanced by the great talents of: Vocalist-Mauree', Double Bassist - Scott Mason, Drummer/Percussionist - David Rush and Mandolinist - Ashley Lewis. Read moreType your paragraph here.

Music of the Past Present and Future...

Listen to "Boogie in the New Year" by Edgar Gabriel 

  • New Country3:20

Brand New  Holiday CD of original, exciting versions of holiday classics, plus two songs by violinist Edgar Gabriel and his band StringFusion in the styles of jazz, funk, fiddle, blues, R & B, rock and classical music.

  • Boogie In The New Year4:26

Jazz infused with Rock, Funk, Blues, Classical, Country and World Music